Northern Ireland is not particularly well served by factoring companies with just one or two factoring companies specialising in the region and one or two more local branches of British factoring companies operating there.

The rest either being handled directly from mainland UK itself or in some instances preferring not to do business there at all.

We can help put Businesses in touch with Factoring in Northern Ireland

As one of the UK’s most experienced factoring brokers it is our belief that businesses in N.I. are best served by factoring companies who are not only based there but also managed locally by experienced factoring personnel who know the area intimately and can therefore use their local expertise to increase service levels to N.I. businesses.

Despite the fact that all factoring companies appear to offer a similar product and generally make similar claims about their alleged high quality service levels and flexible personal attention it is a sad fact of life that the reality is often very different indeed with many factors only managing a second rate service with poor credit control and having the flexibility of a steel rod.

Poor service levels translate into customers taking longer to pay resulting in higher interest charges and increased risk of bad debts and in an effort to control their own risk many factoring companies also come up with a variety of reasons to keep the funding levels as low as possible.

Many factoring brokers will claim that they have relationships with a large number of factoring companies in an effort to appear more influential but in view of the serious reservations that we have about the way some factoring companies operate Factoring Solutions are somewhat choosier than many others and we refuse to deal with those that don’t live up to our high standards of transparency and service levels.

Why not use our years of experience in the industry by letting us introduce you to the most appropriate company for your individual needs. In any event there is no obligation whatsoever and no cost to yourselves for any of our services so why not have a brief informal chat with us anyway.