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Types of Invoice Finance

Factoring and invoice discounting are the two common types of invoice finance that enable companies to have immediate access of up to 90% of their existing and future sales invoice values before the customer has paid them. Invoice finance is the alternative finance that enables companies to access immediate funds, often within 24 hours, to help businesses grow.

Improved Cash Flow Guaranteed

When deciding how to finance your business growth, you may find that the many different invoice finance companies in the UK are very similar but in practice there are many operational differences between the various companies’ offerings which can be confusing, risky, and complicated.

When you don’t know what to look for, choosing the wrong service and products for your unique business can worsen your cash flow, cost you more money than you expected and quickly destroy your company.

Prevent factoring mistakes and instantly save money

By using our free broker services, you will have the benefit of over 40 years industry experience and expertise to ensure a bespoke solution for your growing enterprise.

So as we introduce you to the business and assist and advise you in your negotiations, the invoice factoring company pays us a commission meaning, unlike with many other brokers; you won’t pay us a single penny for using our broking services.

Secure for your business, We offer all new UK clients:

  • Lower rates
  • Customised products/service
  • Free transparent negotiations
  • Best new UK deals
  • Ethical advice
  • Fast bespoke negotiations
  • Professional services
  • Progress updates

Enjoy cheaper rates than by going direct

With our years of experience we have formed close relationships with many invoice factoring companies and the sheer volume of enquiries that we introduce to them means that we can leverage better rates for our clients.

Tap into over four decades of UK insider knowledge

Like all businesses, no two brokers are the same. Likewise, no two factoring services or products are the same. You will have the benefit of our specialised services and knowledgeable negotiation skills.

Discover a professional, friendly and bespoke service

We know which companies perform, we introduce you to the best invoice factoring solutions and product/service for your unique business.

You will enjoy a personal service with an adviser who prides himself on being highly ethical and professional at all times.

There are no charges for our services as they are free so for an informal, friendly chat with an expert, please contact Factoring Solutions now on 01827 707680.


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