Factoring Solutions Business Ethics Policy

Business Ethics are important to us. Factoring Solutions recognises its obligations to both it’s clients and the financial institutions with which it deals and will not act in any way to prejudice the trust and confidence of either of those parties. Factoring Solutions will always operate to the highest ethical standards and will only deal with those financial institutions who operate with similar ethical considerations.

Factoring Solutions will always maintain the confidentiality of client information which will never be used for any purpose other than that for which it was given.

Factoring Solutions has never and will never publish any untruth on it’s website.

One of our competitors is owned by a major factoring company, others are managed by people related to factoring company executives, a large number of so called independent brokers are owned by insolvency practitioners who only pass their enquiries on to factoring companies that reciprocate with lucrative insolvency work, yet more brokers earn part of their living by accounting or audit work work for factoring companies and there is at least one “broker” actually owned by a bank owned factoring company employee.

We are 100% independent in every way.

Our Mission Statement

Factoring Solutions will only ever introduce clients to the most appropriate factoring and will follow through all enquiries, acting only in the best interests of the client.

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