The Factoring Solution

Most people want a factoring company with an agreement written in plain English containing none of the “notwithstanding” clauses that effectively allow the factor to do what they want, when they want.

  • Where the service is as flexible and efficient as advertised and promised
  • Where any potential funding problems with large debtor balances and concentration limits are fully explained beforehand
  • Where there are no artificial funding restrictions generated by meaningless credit limits
  • Where, if the factor does not collect the debts efficiently the client is not penalised with excess interest or punitive re-factoring fees

Unfortunately whilst this perfect factoring facility does not exist there are a few genuine factoring companies that offer a facility approaching “perfection” and where a personal approach is part of the standard package. We can help you get started with Factoring Solutions facilities that work for you and your business.

Money back guarantee

One of our favourite factoring companies is actually willing to back their service with a guarantee that if any client is unhappy with the service within the first three months they may terminate the facility without penalty, receiving a refund of all factoring commission charges paid within the period in the process. Now that is a guarantee that you will not see from any of the bigger bank backed factors. It’s difficult to fault that kind of self-belief in a world where most factors would either allow an unhappy client to leave on payment of a hefty premium or would continually put obstacles in the way of unhappy clients leaving, so that they don’t lose the income stream.

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