Factoring Explained – Terms, phrases and definitions

What is factoring What is factoring ? What are the positives and negatives? Find out in this detailed guide to invoice factoring.

What is invoice discounting What is invoice discounting? What are the positives and negatives? Find out in this detailed guide to invoice discounting.

Factoring checklist Do you know the answers to these questions on our Factoring Checklist, if not, do not enter into any factoring agreement without advice.

Factoring definitions Factoring definitions. A comprehensive glossary of all the common terminology used in factoring and invoice discounting

Factoring pitfalls to trap the unwary Combine an understanding of the common factoring pitfalls with our independent advice, and make sure your company doesn’t fall into these common traps.

Factoring problems with credit limits Factoring problems with credit and concentration limits in order to reduce funding

Independent factoring broker The role Factoring Solutions as a Independent Factoring Broker is to advise companies and introduce them to most appropriate factoring company

Changing your factoring company Many factoring companies make promises that they cannot keep, if your business needs help changing factoring company, Factoring Solutions can help.

Factoring charges Factoring costs normally consist of two separate charges. Factoring Solutions advise on factoring costs in theory and in practice contact us for FREE advice

Factoring interest rates Factoring Interest Rates in Marketing, might not be as good as it first appears, let’s use this assumption:

Factoring termination fees Considering Factoring for your company and worried about Factoring Termination Fees? Get independent advice from broker in this field before you commit.

Bad debt protection Should you have Bad debt protection which is increasingly being sought by companies factoring their invoices, or is there an alternative?

Factoring costs comparison Factoring Solutions cost comparison study on how much does factoring cost, the true cost. A real-world examination of the fees associated with factoring.

Factoring costs comparison example Factoring Cost Comparison, a cheap quote & poor service & another factor with a more expensive quote & more professional sales ledger management service.

Selecting a factoring company Selecting a Factoring Company? What to look for, doing research and independent advice from a Factoring Broker with over 40 years in the field.

The factoring solution We can help your business get started with Factoring Solutions facilities that work with the client and the Factoring Company.

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