20 Blogs Every Small Business Should Follow for Finance Tips

finance blogsOne of the most important parts of any business is its finance. It’s therefore crucial to look for the best resources and advice when it comes to small business finance. In the following post we will look at the 20 finance blogs we think you should be following for a greater understanding and insight into your finances.

FreshBooks Blog

FreshBooks is a cloud accounting company that help to make business accounting as effortless and hassle-free as possible for many millions of business owners. It provides insight and actionable advice for all aspects of a small business operation. It has been created with the idea of helping small business owners to thrive.

Lendio Blog

The blog from Lendio, covers important topics like management, government issues, operations, customer service, sales, marketing, growth strategies, credit and lending and finances and so much more. It is a great source of expert advice and thought leadership that is updated regularly.

Money Girl Blog

The name entices you into this blog, but it is the content that really makes this blog standout from many others. The author Laura Adams discusses lots of different business and personal finance tips, with women firmly in mind, but that are equally helpful for entrepreneurs with new home-based businesses, including e-commerce businesses and brand-new small businesses. If you are looking for something interesting to listen to and don’t have time to read, Laura also records a financial podcast.

Kabbage Blog

If you’ve never heard of it, Kabbage is a lender based online and this, as you may have expected, is their blog and contains a great selection of information concerning the application for business loans. There is also the use of a lot of visuals, data and infographics on what online lenders, just like Kabbage can offer small businesses compared to the more traditional lenders.

Small Business Administration Blog

It is fair to say that the Small Business Administration’s blog is an incredibly valuable source of information, advice and tips. Although it will be of great benefit to people who are applying for SBA loans, it can also help businesses looking for other kinds of loans for their operations. The main writer, Caron Beesley provides help to entrepreneurs who have just began looking for financing for their businesses along with business veterans who are more interested in specific pieces of information.

Experian Business Information Blog

Experian is well-known as a business and consumer credit bureau, but their blog goes much deeper. Some of the best articles discuss applying for small business loans, alternative lenders, and money saving.

Business Credit Insiders Circle

This blog is ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners that are looking for ways to build their business credit effectively. That is, without putting your own money and assets at risk.

The Resourceful CEO

This blog is designed to help businesses tap into the resources they really need to create a high cash flow, high-value business that doesn’t need their constant attention. It does this by tackling the problems that affect cash flow, both directly and indirectly.

SmartBiz Small Business Blog

This is designed for established small businesses and provides them with detailed information to help them grow their business, save money and prepare for small loan applications.

Fuse Financial Partners

From Fuse, comes this blog full of actionable advice regarding numerous important financial topics. The aim of the blog is to help small business owners to make their businesses more sustainable, fun and profitable.

Cash Cow Couple

Cash Cow Couple has around 100,000 unique readers every month and this blog provides them with tips and advice on how to build their wealth so it lasts and to have financial freedom.


This is an NFP and independent resource for small businesses that helps them handle the issues of finding appropriate funding. All its resources are absolutely free.

Our Two Cents, The inDinero Accounting and Tax Blog

With this blog the goal was to offer the most informative, clearest information that would help entrepreneurs to have a handle on the various financial aspects of their business.

Financhill Blog

Financhill’s blog has been created for options and stock traders looking for advice on how to make better decisions when it comes to making investments.


InCredibly feel that many blogs out there have very similar content to one another. That is why their focus is on helping to educate SMBs on how to get more out of their existing operations and available capital.

Fora Financial Blog

On this blog you will find a lot of varied information and content covering technology, marketing, industry-specific content and working capital.

FundBox Small Business Blog

From FundBox, this blog gives small businesses owners about the financial topics they need to know and what is available to them to help them grow their business, along with success stories about entrepreneurs.

BlueVine Blog

Bluevine’s blog covers subjects such as how invoice factoring actually works, who makes a good candidate and shopping for a high-preforming good receivables financing partner. The blog is primarily aimed at the US market whereas https://factoringsolutions.co.uk is aimed at UK businesses


Bplans is a hub for all new businesses that covers everything from planning to pitching to funding and even managing, across 1000’s of articles. They also provide over 500 free business plan samples that you can use.

American Express OPEN

This blog is run by a small group of experts in finance that break down the more complicated topics relevant to small business owners. The topics often covered is things to consider before refinancing, business expansion, buying more property and simply learning how to be more proactive with saving money.



  • Hi and thanks for featuring the Experian Business Information Blog. We are delighted you would focus on our Business Information Blog. For small business credit, we invite you to explore our Small Business Matters blog. We publish lots of small business-oriented content.

  • Thanks for including the Fundbox blog on this excellent list! We strive to provide business owners with the best, most comprehensive educational guides and tips to help them run and grow their businesses. We also publish regular interviews with successful business owners sharing their experiences, as well as one-on-one interviews with financial industry thought leaders discussing what the future will bring.

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