Factoring Charges with Cashback

A rather novel factoring facility is being launched next week designed with simplicity in mind as well as complete transparency of factoring charges.

There will be no documentation or setup charges, no BACS charges, no online charges, no annual minimum costs and no interest charges with just one charge for factoring commissions being levied but whilst other factoring companies have similar products the novel aspect of this facility is that on the anniversary date of the agreement the client will be eligible for a cash back of 10% of the commissions paid during the preceding year.

Unlike other factoring companies that offer similar bundled fee facilities this one will be available on facilities with funding lines of up to £100,000 which possibly equates to annual turnovers of up to £750,000

As if that wasn’t enough the factoring company are only asking for 28 days notice of termination which combined with the lack of minimum annual fees makes it easy to get out of if the client so wishes.

The real icing on the cake is that this facility is being offered by one of the few factoring companies that we are happy to recommend unreservedly so if this is the sort of factoring deal that appeals to you please do not hesitate to contact Factoring Solutions on 01827 707680 for an informal chat safe in the knowledge that our advice and recommendations are always completely free of charge

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