Miss-sold Rate Swaps – Invoice Discounting Solution

Factoring and invoice discounting for companies that have been miss-sold rate swaps

Companies that feel that they have been miss-sold rate swaps are in a difficult position as they seem to be unwilling to take action against their bankers for fear that the bank might withdraw it’s support.

Some of these companies are looking at factoring or invoice discounting as a way to fund their businesses in order to reduce their reliance on their bankers prior to taking action against them for compensation with the more cautious amongst them also looking to replace all financial facilities with their bankers so that are not at risk from reprisals at all.

Factoring Solutions has teamed up with a group of banks and finance companies including a leading factoring company, who between them can offer invoice finance, asset based finance, commercial mortgages and general banking facilities to anyone wishing to refinance prior to claiming damages for rate swap miss-selling.

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